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Social media

Whatever you think of social media, however much you may worry about the vanity or victimisation it can produce, you cannot afford to ignore it – either as a threat or an opportunity.

Adverts cost money and press releases need the nod from a journalist, but social media allows you to say what you like, when you like, for nothing.

But don’t. Like any communication channel, you need to use it thoughtfully and strategically to reach the right audiences across the UK and beyond in the best way.

Our team has extensive experience of developing social media strategies and either training clients to implement them or managing their sites ourselves.

We can audit you against peers and competitors, develop style and tone guides, and produce compelling content. We can also advise on risks and threats and how to monitor them.

It can be daunting, but there’s everything to play for.

Client experience

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Learn more about how we’ve helped clients develop effective social media strategies and boost their online profile.

We also have a bespoke communications training offering, which can help boost your company’s knowledge of Twitter and other social media platforms.


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