Content is STILL King

Nearly 20 years ago, Bill Gates published an article entitled ‘content is king’. The phrase is as relevant as ever, particularly in the world of PR and marketing, and with good reason.

Brands increasingly understand that interesting content will attract (and crucially, retain) social media users to their platforms. The most successful are those who keep up to date with the latest apps and tools available for sharing branded content. The likes of Burberry and Jamie Oliver almost instantly recognised the value of Instagram’s video capabilities post-launch and consequently both have millions of followers. Other brands (who shall of course remain nameless) meanwhile are notable by their absence on – or ‘traditional’ approach to – social media content.

That’s right. It’s happened. So entrenched is social media in the communications mix that in 2015 we can now say that there is a ‘traditional approach’.

But the beauty of this ever-changing, new digital world is that it’s never too late to join the social media party. Nor do you need Burberry-worthy budgets to develop an effective content-driven social media strategy - just some creative thinking and a tech-savvy team to execute the ideas.

Creating new content can still be seen as a considerable outlay, so when you invest, it’s important to get your money’s worth.

The obvious way to make sure this happens is to maximise the use of your content across the myriad of social networks available. Organic posts on Facebook and Twitter are good places to start, but they just scratch the surface of your content’s potential.

If you’re developing video for web marketing or a TV ad, consider if some snappy editing would make it Vine-worthy, SnapChat-suitable or You-Tube-tastic.

If you’ve invested in image-led content, like an infographic, websites and apps like Pintrest, Instagram and Imgur provide different ways of sharing it at no extra development cost, alongside your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Researching the platforms most used by your target demographic and keeping abreast of the latest changes to functionality and capabilities to ensure you’re using your content to its full potential is a habit we’d encourage all brand managers to get into.

A little research here and there can go a long way into sweating your content and making your budget go further. Don’t let your content’s potential go to waste…after all, it is still king.

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