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Looking for a fresh way to showcase your content online? Freshwater’s creative division takes you through the benefits of an e-mag…

We’re so over PDFs; you zoom in, zoom out, use the dreaded scroll bar to find the content you need, and click that cross button quicker than you can say “PDF off”.

Content continues to be king and content marketing can help brands and organisations to gain a share of voice as well as develop and retain relationships with customers.

However, just producing content is not enough. Content needs to be relevant and user-friendly.

Making your content engaging could involve producing a video or creating an infographics to convey stories and stats. But these formats can only carry so much information before they become overwhelming.

So how can you convey lots of information electronically?

Enter the e-mag. The publishing industry has been quick to embrace this fancy technology which allows the users to navigate content quickly and easily – even allowing the user to virtually turn the page.

But that’s not all an e-mag can do. They can link to specific sections of your website, taking the reader directly to further content or even to a data-capture mechanism quickly and easily.

E-mags also allow you to embed video and audio so all your great collateral is in one place to help bring your story to life.  

Furthermore, for organisations that have strict environmental requirements, an e-mag reduces the need for printed publications, helping save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

The next time you’re producing a document – be it an Annual Report, a showcase of case studies or even a product guide – get in touch with Freshwater Creative to see how we can bring your content to life with an e-mag.


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