A good Direct Mail campaign can open new doors

In our digital age, it’s easy to overlook snail mail, but sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Our brand manager, Simon John, looks at how Direct Mail can open new doors…

With constant emphasis on the benefits of using social media to market everything from shoes to life insurance, it’s tempting to put all your eggs in one basket and focus purely on digital campaigns.

However, while the digital landscape continues to evolve and trends change, we still love post and enjoy the sentimentality of receiving a piece of print.

The Royal Mail MarketReach has reported some fascinating insights following an 18-month study into how we engage with what’s posted through our doors.

From how long it spends in the household to our relationship with a brand, Royal Mail covers it all and we think it shows the pros of embracing print.

Here are some of the key stats:

  1. On average, 35% of promotional mail is passed on to others. Print sharing creates dialogue around your brand and therefore makes it more memorable.


  2. Validity of print. Compared to an email, postal mail has a more positive effect  on how we view both the content and the sender. 


  3. Mail is kept for an average of 17 days. Being physically present within a household makes a much more indented impression with potential customers.  


  4. 68% of people desire communication by mail. This opens doors to new audiences that may not respond as well to digital advertising.


  5. Many remember a brand by the quality of the print over its content, proving that professional design and investment in good quality stock goes a long way.


  6. Mail has almost the same return of investment (ROI) as paid-for TV. It’s high-impact and tangible. 


  7. Adding mail to an integrated campaign instead of using an email saw 13% more consumers visiting a brand’s website, 21% more purchases and 35% more consumers redeeming a coupon or voucher than when an email was sent out.


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