Google’s mobile-friendly frenzy

Freshwater’s digital team is here to help following Google’s major change…

Google frequently makes small changes to the way it executes its algorithms and they’re often difficult to keep on top of without close attention. However, yesterday’s change (21 April) is causing a slight panic. It is a hugely significant development that determines rankings based on a site’s ‘mobile-friendliness’.

The change means that mobile-friendliness, or mobile-optimisation, will play a key role in the way a site is ranked across mobile searches. Sites that have not been optimised for mobile will now appear further down on Google’s search pages.

The algorithm is based on several factors, which determine how mobile-friendly your site is. It will scan every page on your website, evaluate load times, assess how responsive design elements are and measure your attempt at mobile best practice.

Quick fixes to increase your chances: legible text sizes (without zoom), ensuring content fits the screen properly and making sure links are spaced out to guarantee easy touchscreen-tapping. The mobile-friendly test also favours sites that avoids using Flash.

At a time when mobile searches are on the up, a significant number of businesses are not ready for this change. According to research by SumAll, over 60% of Fortune 100 companies are said to not be mobile optimised, so you’re not alone in thinking this change is overwhelming.

Follow the link to Google’s test to find out how ready your site is and give our digital team a call to see how we can help.


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