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Why it’s important to stay in the loop

Freshwater’s Andy Williams looks at the importance of political intelligence… 

“A week is a long time in politics,” said Harold Wilson. In reality, a lot can change in a day, or even an hour, and it’s increasingly important for individuals and organisations to keep on top of politics in a way that never happened before the 24-hour news cycle 

Every day, our UK-wide monitoring team rises early to track, communicate and analyse political developments in Westminster, Holyrood, the Senedd and Stormont as well as in city regions and local governments throughout the UK.

We stay in tune with the big breaking stories, watch every key parliamentary debate and question session and also keep track of the social media activity of the main influencers and decision makers. We monitor the progress of relevant Bills and parliamentary questions and regularly attend All-Party Parliamentary Group and Select Committee sessions that affect our clients.

But why do clients value Freshwater’s political intelligence service? The reality is that without high-quality intelligence an organisation is left out of the loop on developments likely to affect them. For those left out, it can be costly, but for those on the in, the benefits can be invaluable.

Proactive engagement

If your company is aware of key developments and stories as soon as they break, then you can be the first to comment on them, which raises your profile. Moreover, if a negative media story is written about your organisation, or if you are the subject of a hostile comment from a politician, being aware of it straight away allows you to plan a prompt response.

Improving understanding of the political landscape

By closely monitoring the activity of individual politicians in parliament and the media, you build in-depth knowledge and understanding of their views and how they fit into the wider political landscape.

As the main political parties prepare for the conference season and draw up their manifesto commitments ahead of the 2015 General Election, it is absolutely crucial to stay well informed of fast-paced political and industry debates and to proactively prepare for new and emerging themes, which may influence your strategic operation. 

Being seen and heard

Freshwater monitors daily for relevant political and stakeholder events in all sectors affecting our clients. We can ensure that our clients are able to take advantage of these events, which are often useful opportunities to network and build an organisation’s profile with key stakeholders. All this activity helps our clients to be seen as highly engaged and thought leaders in their sector.

Freshwater’s Public Affairs division provides specialist political communications and intelligence for a client base across the transport, planning and infrastructure, and energy sectors. Whether you need campaign advice, crisis communications support, stakeholder engagement guidance or are interested in registering for our daily and weekly parliamentary and media monitoring reports, feel free to contact us on 0207 067 1595.



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