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Mobiles can make us ‘appy

The fun of Flappy Bird or the breaking news from the Sunday Times, so much is now on offer in the app world. But should your business take a look at this increasingly popular tool? Our digital team delves a little deeper…

The audience for apps is huge. 7 in 10 Britons own a smartphone and, as you’d probably expect, when you look at the figures for the 25-30 year olds age group, a whopping 89% own a smartphone.

Online purchases via a mobile device are also on the rise according to Mobile Marketing Magazine. Its survey of 1000 people revealed that more than half had made an online purchase via their mobile phone.

Screens are also getting bigger, which will increase appeal to older audiences. And, with more space to work with, the ability to communicate more complicated messages and create more innovative designs increases.

However, while you may think that app development is restricted to the big players in business it sure isn’t. There’s a diverse range of organisations utilising this format. Chefs from the pukka, Jamie Oliver, to culinary queen, Delia Smith, now turn to apps to showcase their creations quicker than recipe books. Newspapers are embracing digital opportunities to incorporate more multimedia and retail, hospitality, leisure and even healthcare organisations are improving user-interactivity through apps.

But beware, your app should not be a duplicate of your website. It should offer an interactive approach that appeals to your target audience. Apps can easily reflect the individual with local touches and updates, and can be incredibly tailored to your audience so there’s potential to strengthen customer relationships and provide real value.

A well-designed app could be the answer to cost-effectively increasing your business’ exposure and revenue. So whether your ideas for your company mobile application are ambitious or just in their infancy, Freshwater has the skills to work with you and incorporate your needs into a bespoke app that will sit snugly in the pockets of future customers.

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