PR Week quizzes Freshwater chief executive for UK Power Book

PRWeek’s UK Power Book 2016 asks some of the industry’s most influential people to participate in a survey about their work and the industry in 2015.

PR Week selected our own chief executive, Steve Howell, for his experience and Freshwater’s success.

Steve took a moment to answer the publication’s questions for the Power Book. Here’s what he had to say:

What did you learn about yourself in 2015?
My colleague, Angharad Neagle, is much better at running an agency than I am.

What is your favourite campaign of the past year?
Jeremy Corbyn’s, because no one saw it coming and it threw all the experts into a tizz.

My greatest challenge for 2016 is…
Writing a second novel.

How should the PR industry address the gender pay gap?
Name and shame.

Which word or phrase would you ban from the PR lexicon?

Does the term ‘PR’ still retain any value? Do you still use the term to describe what you or your business does?
Yes, as colloquial shorthand, but ‘comms consultancy’ is how I usually describe what we do.

Which (living) businessman or woman has the best comms prowess?
Donald Trump.

I get annoyed by...
Donald Trump (because he’s effective and scary).

PRWeek is buying a round. What are you having?
A whisky sour, but only a single because I can’t take the pace these days.”

The directory is published in full online and will feature in the December/January issue of PRWeek. Find Steve’s full Power Book profile and more about the UK Power Book 2016 here.

Freshwater is a full-service, multi-channel communications agency that recently published a four per cent increase in revenue from fees and commission in its annual results. Read more here: Growth continues at independent communications consultancy.



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