Spring clean your social media

Here are five top tips from Freshwater’s creative team to refresh your social media channels.

It’s official: visuals are taking over the world. Instagram has bypassed Twitter’s number of global users to exceed 300 million people and a recent Twitter study reported that posts which include a photo will boost your number of retweets by a third.

Here are five simple ideas to spring clean your sites and transform them into a dazzling visual hub.

1. Perfect your profile

Facebook and Twitter provide great opportunities to showcase some interesting design work via posts, profile pictures and cover photos/headers, while Vine and Instagram are obviously all about pictorial prowess. Even LinkedIn now provides organisations with the functionality to customise the digital aesthetic of your business.

But there’s nothing worse than a stretched photo or poorly aligned pic, so do justify spending time and resources working on something eye-catching and impressive to fit the template.

2. Consistency is key

When developing new graphics for social media, make sure you keep within the brand guidelines that you work hard to maintain elsewhere.  Your style should be consistent across all of your materials - brochures, emailers, business cards etc - in order to make your brand cohesive.

Social media is an extended promotional platform and should be treated like all other channels in this respect.

3. Keep it simple but sophisticated

Boost your posts with what we call rich content: photography, graphics and infographics are all powerful drivers of engagement.

Every post should have at least one thing to engage with that isn’t just words on a page – whether that be a link or a hashtag. Don’t overdo it and keep it relevant, but aim for a visual and a link in every post and watch your engagement shoot up!

4. Super-sophisticate with video

Rich content can be taken further with animated GIFS and video production.

The investment in professional video content can provide you with quality, recyclable content for your website, social media, presentations and online advertising.

5. Follow wisely and well

Who you see is important. Don’t clutter your newsfeed with every Tom, Dick and Mary - fear of missing out just leads to chaos and a deluge of irrelevant material.

By keeping your stream of updates focused you will have time to engage more, build better relationships and ultimately give yourself a better chance of spotting new business opportunities, as well as cutting down on your social media admin.


Freshwater provides bespoke design and production work for all digital platforms including social media, websites and advertising. Find out more about our creative services here.


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